Winter League (January 6th-February 24th)

Spring League (April 8th-May27th)

Summer League (June 10th-July 15th)

Fall League (September 2nd-October 28th)

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                2017 Mid-South District Champion
                                Roster U18
       Boys:Hunter Beard, EJ Batchelder, Remy Roy
        Girls: Hannah Abrahamson, Sohia Roth, Hannah Riegle
        Coach: Sonthana
    2018 Central Illinois Traveling Team Tennis                                     3rd Place
                           Roster U12 &U14
      U12 Boys:Paxton Garland-Sutter and Krish Khurana
       U12 Girls: Simrit Mander and Megan Becker
       U14 Boys: Charlie Pittman and Noah Williams
       U14 Girls: Agnes Cross and Amber Ehrlich
        Coach: Sonthana